FAQ Page:

Do we ship to country and interstate?

Yes, we do ship to country Western Australia or even Interstate via your preferred carrier or our contact page.

How long does it takes to ship interstate?

It is mainly depending on location, but generally 4-6 working days.

Do we have the stock on hand?

Yes, we carry stock of all products listed on our website. Should you have a question related to our products, feel free to contact us anytime!

Can I only order via the website?

You can also place an order by calling Event Furniture Sales on (08) 9296 1885 Monday to Saturday 7am-9pm (WST) or email buy@efsales.com.au

Do I have to pay for my goods before delivery?

Yes, unless you have an established account with us.

Do you offer volume discounts or trade discounts?

Yes, please enquire on 9296 1885

Do prices include GST?

No, all prices listed are exclusive of GST.

Does Event Furniture Sales have a showroom or a retail outlet?

No, but we can arrange to show or demonstrate products.

Do we sell to the public?

Yes, we supply everyone from small to large orders. Get in touch with our staff to know more!

Do you sell to commercial businesses?

Event Furniture Sales has an attractive product portfolio, we can create a proposal for your commercial business and are only too happy to discuss this with you in more detail, please call (08) 9296 1885 for further information.

How do I know the quality is good?

We have been selling our products for many years and have rarely encountered a fault or quality issue. Please browse through our reviews and testimonial and find out stories from our happy clients.

Do your products come with a warranty?

Yes, we have a manufacturer’s guarantee on all of our products.

What is your returns and exchange policy?

We will always exchange manufacturers faulty or damaged goods.

Do we deliver?

Yes, we deliver Perth metro area or can ship to freight terminals.

Do we accept EFT and/or CC?

Yes, Bank account on invoice, or C/C per phone.

Which credit cards do we accept?

We do accept Visa and Mastercard.

How can I buy with confidence?

We understand that purchasing a product online can be a little uncomfortable for some. That’s why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy and a no questions asked returns and exchange policy. If you are not happy with the product you can return it and we will refund, credit or exchange it.

What is your privacy and security policy?

All transactions are treated with the utmost privacy and discretion. Our clients privacy and security is paramount.