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Drybar Tables (Cocktail Tables)

This magnificent chromed drybar table features a folding top and interlocking feet for ease of storage and transport. The table stands 1100mm high with a 600mm round top, is very stable and is maintenance free.

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Product Description

NOVA…the Nova Drybar table stands 1100mm high and has a 600mm round top made from one piece of polished Innox that is formed over and under the top thus presenting a table top without joins or gaps. It has a polished aluminium column with the cast iron base covered with stainless steel, this base is 650mm in span. The table is a very attractive item of furniture and is ideal for casual events where the majority of people are standing, it also pairs off beautifully with a the Pipee Ergoflex barstool making them the cosy and comfortable setting. The table is well weighted and very stable making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor events.