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The always elegant Chiavari is stackable, 100% resin and comes in various colours, with cushions to suit.

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Product Description

The tiffany chair comes in many colours including White, Gold, Black, Clear, Grey and Silver. It is a favourite for venues and hire companies throughout Australia. It is the most sought after chair for weddings, brides and the mothers of love this chair for it’s appearance, comfort and style. It is also very popular for formal events, dinners and meetings. The Tiffany adds a touch of class to any event. This chair takes on a Napoleon era appearance adding a real European look about it, giving it the sophistication and elegance that makes it a must for every event.
The chair comes flat packed with cushion supplied


Width 40cm
Height 90cm
Depth 44cm at seat
Weight 6kg
Made from Polyurethane Plastic.

About Tiffany/Chiavari Chairs

If you have a very special event you are in the process of putting together, you need to consider perfect seating. Whether celebrities at the Oscars or your daughter’s wedding guests, consider Tiffany chairs for the perfect touch. These chairs are crafted with the finest details to offer elegance, style and prestige. If you spent hours on décor, it’s now time for your tables and Tiffany chairs!

The Tiffany Chair, also known as the Chiavari Chair, was first created in 1807 by a cabinet maker from Chiavari, Italy, Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi. At some point and through some redesigning (by the request of the president of Chiavari) it became more simplified and offered a lighter structure.

The chair was a huge success and manufactured in Chiavari and other surrounding towns. Upon Descalzi’s death (1855), approximately 600 workers were creating these chairs. Its popularity declined with the introduction of Michael Thonet’s Austrian chairs which were mass produced. During the second half of the 20th Century designer Gio Ponti was inspired by the Chiavari chair and used it for his Superleggera chair around 1955.

This style of chair has graced weddings and world events, seating the most élite people. Tiffany chairs are the most popular choice throughout Europe, United States and Australia. From High Society events to Fashion Shows, this high-end, exquisite chair has graced the very best events. If given a choice, would you really want your daughter’s reception loaded with awful, plastic cushioned chairs covered in a tacky white cloth? Of course not!

Choose a chair design that will top off her wedding day in great style and exceptional taste.