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Trestle Tables

These steel frame ply top trestles come in both 1.8m and 2.4m at 0.75m wide and high. They weigh 15 and 18kg respectively and stack easily or can be still aged.

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Product Description

The steel framed ply board top trestle comes in both 1800mm and 2400mm long X 750mm wide and 750mm high, the frames are light but very strong and ideally suited to handle the rigours of the hire and hospitality industries. The legs fold out and lock into position with a unique spring loaded action making them very secure and stable for a folding table. After use the legs fold away into the frame of the table making for easy handling and stacking. The frames are powder coated and the ply board top is treated with an exterior grade lacquer making it water proof and ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

About Trestle Tables

This style or design of table dates back as far as biblical times and is considered the oldest functioning table ever made. There are countless drawings and images depicting this table with a separate plank of wood used to lengthen the table for everything from workstations to settings for feasts.

During the Middle Ages, the trestle table was not much more than boards placed over the trestle legs. The most common form, which could be collapsed, was very popular until the 16th century. The table was replaced with a much stronger and sturdier design.

Trestle tables comprise of two or three trestle supports that are connected by a long cross-member that a table’s top is then placed on. Easy assembly and simple dismemberment for storage, has made this one of the most popular dining tables of all times.

The Trestle Table can be created in any style and the unique stretch, between the trestles, can offer any size, can be ornate or plain, flush with the table top or almost resting on the floor. Due to its amazing flexibility is why this table is so very popular everywhere.

What To Consider In Choosing A Trestle Table

These tables are great for family gatherings, but keep in mind, the trestles protrude and small children can easily trip over the them. Simply keep chairs around the table to prevent further tripping.